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Learning to Draw Blood

Posted by MieshaWillard58791 on June 30, 2012 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Learn the technique of how to draw blood, also known for the name of Phlebotomy, has to be performed by somebody who is specialized in it, a Phlebotomist or medical technician.

First of all, the hygiene of the technician is very important: make sure to wash your hands and the tools you are going to use. For further hygiene, wear latex gloves and lay out all your utensils ready for use. Put yourself in contact with your patient; ask him if he has any allergies and or if he has been taking blood thinners.

Now choose the arm you are going to perform the technique on, tie a tourniquet around the area, choose a suitable vein and insert the needle at around 15 degrees of inclination. When the needle is placed, grab a tube and start to draw blood. Then, don't forget to disinfect it with a cotton ball with alcohol.

Hospital jobs include a wide range of variety in careers and employ thousands of people all over the world. They are not limited to the emergency rooms as we might see on television, but they also offer jobs to healthcare administration that work "behind the scenes".

The type of hospital jobs that we might know are: doctor, nurse, administrator and physicians. But they are not limited to those classes as there are many other positions in healthcare in every hospital. To work in a hospital as a doctor, nurse or physician, you need a degree in medical school. And to work in the healthcare administrator you need to have a background in administration studies.

So, it appears that hospital jobs not only enrich you as a contractor but the contact with your patients and the feeling of doing something good for somebody else is also a very enriching experience as a person.